The melodic metal/hard rock band N.R.G. are best known for their song “Instruments of Destruction,” featured in the original animated Tansformers: The Movie, an anthem for Transformers fans around the world.

The 3 New Releases are a sampling of the new forthcoming studio release from N.R.G. The new album "Forever" is filled with melodic hard rock gems and is definitely another great showcase of the band’s extraordinary songwriting and performing talents. Featured, once again, is the amazing original lineup, Lee Mangano, Pat Lynch & Les Brown, minus Ernie living in Hawaii, these new releases now featuring guitarist Carlo Fragnito, who played on vocalist Tony Martin's (Black Sabbath) solo album "Back Where I Belong," along with Brian May of Queen. The highlight of the 3 songs, and definitely a true hard rock power ballad classic in the making, is the song "Forever." "Love Thunder" is a ferocious, in-your-face rocker. “S.O.B./Robot Mix” is a cover of the classic song "Hair of the Dog" (made famous by the band Nazareth). However N.R.G.'s version was recorded/mixed by very bad robots let loose in the studio!

N.R.G. is fronted by Les Brown on lead vocals - his belting voice and piercing screams reach out and grab you by the ears and don't let go! N.R.G. is a musically-driven engine with all pistons firing by long-time rock vets Lee Mangano on drums and Pat Lynch on bass, a rhythm section that is second to none, rounded out with newest member Carlo Fragnito on guitar. ....... N.R.G. has had the pleasure of sharing the stage with some great artists, such as (to name just a few) the Goo Goo Dolls, Extreme, Joan https://www.seibertron.com/transformers/news/nrgs-lee-mangano-transformers-themed-drumsticks/38393/, UFO, Nazareth, Blue Oyster Cult, Kix, and Judas Priest. N.R.G. is a rock-n-roll wrecking machine that started out from very humble beginnings, rehearsing in a chicken coop that was covered wall-to-wall with rugs internally to deaden the sound so they could hone their musical craft. They then achieved worldwide success with the release of "Instruments of Destruction," featured in Transformers: The Movie and its accompanying CBS/Scotti Brothers soundtrack that sold over 1 million copies. Encompassing its various Transformer reissues, The Movie DVD actually making it into the Billboard Top 15 selling over 10,000,000+ units worldwide


The film and soundtrack showcase the signature monster sound that turned N.R.G.'s "Instruments of Destruction" into an internationally recognized song that all TF:TM fans worldwide know and love - because it still stands the test of time. just search Youtube "Instruments Of Destruction" and you'll find a few hundred video's with 1,000's of comments about NRG even this past month. "IOD" from 1986 TF:TM soundtrack was performed by Les, Pat & Lee with original guitarist Ernie Petrangelo aka "Burns" !

All songs were once again produced with help of the amazing Phil Greene & Tony Ricci of Triad Normandy Sound

N.R.G. has been turning out memorable songs since the mid-80's and is set to unleash a beast!

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